$20 Target Dollar Section Challenge // 4th of July

Did you know that the Target dollar section is actually called “Bullseye’s Playground” –boom. Your mind is blown. As was mine when I searched for “dollar section” on Targets website and found no such thing, but rather Bullseye’s Playground.

The Magical Target Dollar Section

It’s a wonderful place full of trinkets and treasures. I feel like the Little Mermaid singing “I’ve got who’s its and what’s its galore, you want thingamabobs I’ve got twenty!” That is the Target dollar section.

$20 Target Dollar Section Tablescape Challenge

Beware it can also seduce you, like Eve to an apple, into overspending. Admittedly, I am weak. Like don’t stand a chance, weak. So, I have discovered I need a limit before I set foot in the Target dollar section. Sometimes it’s a pat on the back, “You’ve been good today Anna, you deserve a $3 treat.” Other times it’s a, “Today sucked, here is $7 have fun kid.” Today, is a special occasion. I am giving myself a budget and with it a creative challenge.

Creativity is at its best under limitations. By boxing yourself in you require yourself to think outside of the box.

4th of July Dollar Section Challenge:

Spend no more than $20 in the Target dollar section to decorate a patriotic 4th of July tablescape.

The Breakdown:

  • $1 –small American flags
  • $5 –blue lantern with stars
  • $3 –red, white, and blue streamers
  • $5 –light blue pinstriped scarf (admittedly I wanted to wear this one later)
  • $1 –red and blue glittered gift tags
  • $3 –red, white, and blue, Chinese lanterns
  • $1 –4th of July napkins

Grand total of: $19

Decorating a table is a lot like planting a flower pot. You’ve got to have a thriller, filler, and spiller.


Something that immediately catches the eye and thrills your guests. To create a thriller, I usually aim for height and texture. Think about a city scape, your eye goes to the tallest building first.


The Thriller

I stacked wood chargers to add height and topped it with the blue star lantern with American flags hanging out in different directions. For a bonus, I used paper clips to string the Chinese lanterns from my kitchen chandelier. The lanterns hanging down made it clear where I wanted guests eyes to go first.


A filler is what you use to cover ground area. The sprawling plant that takes up most of the place in your flower pot. In this case, it’s the runner I used to cover most of the kitchen table.


The Filler

The blue pinstriped scarf served as my base. I folded it in half and laid it across the table. I think it may have worked better if I had left it opened, it was right between too big and too small. To add texture, I took the streamers and wove them along the center runner. The combination of the scarf and streamers filled up all of the negative space in the center of the table creating a perfect backdrop to add crisp white serving pieces.


The spiller is the thing that would drape over the side of the pot. At my house now this is a sweet potato vine. For the 4th of July table, it’s all of the little extras that are going to take it over the top.

The Spiller

I added some leftover paper straws to 3 types of La Croix flavored mocktails and tied the glittered gift tags to each straw. Use the tags to mark whose drink is whose or what kind. Then I added the white 4th of July napkins in the center to break up the white and red streamers. Crisp white serve ware displayed lemon blueberry poundcake and poundcake churro and berry kabobs.

It can be fun to give yourself boundaries, to put limitations in place. Because restrictions give us the freedom to think creatively. Ever thought about that? That restrictions provide freedom?

Next time you are stuck on a project, give yourself a limitation and find a new way to think about the problem.

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! I’ll be celebrating over on Instagram down at the beach and would love to check in with you and your plans for the 4th!

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