What Are You Into? 5 Things I am Loving This Summer

What Are You Into?

One of my favorite podcasts has a segment called “What Are You Into?” Each host talks about something that they currently enjoy whether that is a product, a tv show, a new app, whatever! I have discovered so many new things through their answers so I wanted to share some of my own! Here are five things I am currently loving this summer!


Letterboards so hot right now, letterboards

Did you get the movie reference? Anyways, letterboards seem to be 2017’s answer to the letter marque.  These are showing up everywhere! On kitchen counters, home offices, kids rooms, parties,  teachers desks you name it! I love how people are using these letterboards to turn quotes into art and bringing tons of personality into a space! Letterboards can be pretty expensive BUT they are starting to make their way down the consumer food chain and into a Target near you. If you find an inexpensive one, help a girl out and let me know!

how i built this podcast

How I Built This Podcast

I’ve got to give my brother credit for turning me onto this NPR podcast. I know I said NPR and lost you for a second. Don’t worry, absolutely NO political banter here. The podcast hosted by Guy Raz interviews famous brand owners about how they built their businesses. How I Built This is a  30 – 50 minute podcast showcasing the stories of people like Kendra Scott and Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx,  and top brands like Instagram, TOMs, Zumba, Pategonia, and tons more. Do yourself a favor and listen to the episode about Power Rangers, it will blow your mind! This may be a bit presumptuous, but you’re welcome.

La Croix

La Croix Instagram’s beverage of choice

People love to hate on La Croix, the sparkling water taking over your Instagram feed. I too used to be a hater, so I get it! My brother on-boarded me with the basic lemon-lime flavor. Ice cold and bubbly it fulfilled that 2 PM carbonation craving and with zero calories  I was hooked.  If you want to give La Croix a shot try starting with one of the curate flavors— I like the cherry lime one! They are in taller skinner cans than the normal ones and have a higher concentration of flavor for the skeptics. After that give the cran-raspberry or passion fruit flavors a try and Instagram it! I mean if you didn’t Instagram it did you even drink a La Croix?

Halo Top ice cream one of my favorite finds of the summer!

Halo Top Ice Cream

Sweet blessings from above! It’s finally happened, they’ve invented an ice cream for women to eat guilt free by the pint! These marketing guys get me! Halo Top cartons are labeled with not how many calories are in a serving but in the whole pint. Available at Target and ranging from 250-350 calories you can easily splurge and take in the whole thing! I’m loving the peanut butter flavor with tiny chunks of peanut butter inside! It’s low in sugar and fat but actually tastes good! Go ahead girl, dive in spoon first.

Hello Sunshine Beach Hat

Sassy Summer Beach Hats

I could write a whole post about my favorite beach accessories for this Summer, but one of my absolute favorites is beach hats with embroidered sayings! Crowd favorites include: do not disturb and no photos, please and leave a message! I love my “hello sunshine” hat! I feel a little fancy walking around the pool with it on! It’s a cute way to add extra sun protection and I’m alright with that! If you’re not into the sayings, try a hat with pom-pom trim.

What are you into this summer? I’d love to hear about it! You can follow me on Instagram @anna.christeen and see all of my latest finds!

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